About Discourse Workshop

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The "Discourse Workshop" (Diskurswerkstatt, "DiWe" for short) is our association's informal think tank, an interdisciplinary open space for critical reading and discussion. Our goal is to reflect theories and their practical effects and implications: What can an abstract theory tell us that could help in our political practice? Which theorems and approaches are suited to "scholarship with commitment"? DiWe is a space for experiments. In the past, this space has triggered projects, working groups and other forms of co-operation and intervention. Our subjects usually revolve araound the disciplines Philosophy, Sociology, Political Science and Psychology. Each semester's programme is decided upon by all participants.

In recent semesters, we have read and discussed theories and questions under the following headings: the concept of the Political (WS 08/09), Scholarship and Society (SoSe 09), Postcolonialisms (WS 09/10), and "Critical Theory etc." (SoSe 10). Discussions so far have usually taken place in German, but feel free to join us anyway - we can make it work. Everyone is invited to join us and bring their suggestions!