Expertise - What we have to offer

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Over the years, our association and its members have collected a host of well-founded knowldge which we would like to share with the public.

Here is a list of topics for lectures and workshops we have given in the past, as well as other areas of expertise.
If you are interested, please contact us via E-Mail or our contact form. Most of our publications and talks are in German, but we can prepare talks and workshops in English as well, according to our experts' availability.

The list is under construction. Please contact us if you are interested in other areas of our work.

Forum für kritische Rechtsextremismusforschung

  • Workshop module "Zur diskursiven Lage der Nation" (on patriotism and representations of "the nation" and immigration in German mainstream media; this could also be extended to include other examples, e.g. the UK)
  • Workshop module "Das Wissen über den (Rechts-)Extremismus auf dem Prüfstand" (on the topic of (right-wing)extremism)
  • Workshop module "Alles Extremismus?" (on the German discourse of "extremism")

AG Kids Control

  • Exhibtion: "Are the kids alright?" (GER/EN)