About the "Forum for Critical Research on Right-Wing Extremism"

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The success of the neo-nazi National Democratic Party (NPD) in Saxony's state elections in 2004, and two years later in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, appears to us as a result and nodal point of long-standing phenomena. Parliamentary backing for the expansion of the NPD's ideological and strategic work has pushed racial-nationalist tendencies (that had been operating in public for years) forward. This to us means enhanced visibility for latent, banal and everyday conditions that exist well beyond the "fringes" of society whre the NPD and other organisations are positioned.

We think it is necessary to reflect upon these developments in a scholarly way and to discuss them publicly. We want to contribute to these endeavours and enhance communication between academia, political and civil society agents. The Forum therefore communicates and collaborates with civil society organisations and initiatives in Saxony.


  • Networking: The FORUM offers itself as an "interface" for academic and practical work against neo-nazism and racism. We are members of the network "Tolerantes Sachsen" (Tolerant Saxony) and have cooperated with many civil society initiatives and organisations.
  • Publicity: Lecture series, talks and discussion events
  • Education and training: We offer seminars, workshops and information to interested parties (groups, initiatives, trade unions, etc.).
  • Research: We want to analyse regional tendencies of right-wing strategies and right-wing elements in discourses of the political "centre" and critically examine current patterns of interpretation and explanation regarding neo-nazism and ideologies of inequality.

Who are we?

The Forum for Critical Research on Right-Wing Extremism is a group of critical and committed students and scholars within "EnWi" and was founded in April 2005.

Get involved?!

  • We meet regularly to discuss reading and current issues. To find out when the next meeting is, contact us: forum [at] engagiertewissenschaft de
  • We are interested in exchanging with interested persons and especially students working on seminar papers and dissertations concerning related issues.
  • Do you have ideas for events or a project proposal? We welcome opportunities for co-operation and suggestions!