AG Kids Control

Die AG Kids Control beschäftigt sich mit Kontroll- und Interventionsstrategien gegenüber Jugendlichen im öffentlichen Raum. Zum Thema wurde im April 2009 in Leipzig eine künstlerisch-dokumentarische Ausstellung präsentiert. Weitere Interventionen: Referate, Interviews, Artikel, etc.

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Exhibition "Are the kids alright?"

// essential existence gallery
// Westwerk, Karl-Heine-Straße 93,
   Tor B, 04229 Leipzig

Are the kids alright? On the question of how to address “antisocial” and “deviant” behaviour in today’s youths, the British government’s answer seems to be “more control and surveillance”. In German media, too, childhood and youth are increasingly linked to images of violent youths, armed pupils, and vandalism - caused by parental neglect and societal ignorance. Although no measures resembling the British ASBO have been taken so far, the Germans’ fear of their offspring seems to be rising. 

This development initially created an unease which then stimulated the organisation of an exhibition entitled “Are the kids alright?”.

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Introducing: "Kids Control"

The “Kids Control” research group’s primary objective is to make visible and to critically engage with current practices of control, surveillance and punishment of urban youth’s “deviant” and “anti-social” behaviour. .: Weiterlesen

Frühere Veranstaltungen

Exhibition: "Are the kids alright?"

Fr 03.2009
17:00 Uhr

The exhibition focuses mainly on the use of the British “Anti-Social Behaviour Order” (ASBO) which serves as an example for the transforming practices of “disciplining and punishing” (Michel Foucault). .: Weiterlesen